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Bill’s Keynotes & Interviews

Here are some selected presentations and interviews where Bill explores how new technologies are transforming the teaching and learning environment. They begin with work he did at Abilene Christian University — which hosted a first-in-the-world mobile learning initiative from 2008 through 2012 — and then continue with more recent presentations (although there is a significant gap since Apple policy prevented employees from having their presentations filmed). Together, they illustrate a trajectory of thinking about education and technology. We hope you’ll find them useful.

2021 · World Education Summit, Online · Follow/Tinker/Make/Share: A Framework for Designing Productive Learning
2019 · EduLEARN 2019, Mallorca · Unfolding Deeper Learning
2019 · EduLEARN 2019, Mallorca · Interview
2019 · Bett 2019, London · Fusion Skills, Not Fission Skills
2019 · Bett 2019, London · Why Is It So Hard to Learn about Learning?
2012 · Cork, Ireland · Quantum Learning vs Newtonian Learning
2012 · Swedish Television Interview · Making Learning Relevant
2012 · Arkansas State University · How Mobility Transforms Educational Design
2012 · ACU ConnectEd Open House · The Trajectory of Digital Books
2011 · TEDxDubai · Considering the Architectures of Learning
2011 · Learning Without Frontiers · Mobility and Digital Books
2011 · ACU ConnectEd Summit · The Next Chapter in Education
2010 · ACU ConnectEd · A Mobile Learning Rationale
2010 · Sydney Ideas Series, University of Sydney · Going Mobile: Building for the New Mobility
2010 · Sydney Ideas Series, University of Sydney · Writing the Future: How Digital Books Will Change the World