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Bill’s Keynotes & Interviews

Although many more recent presentations weren’t recorded due to corporate policy at my former employer, here are some selected presentations and interviews where I explore how new technologies are transforming the teaching and learning environment. Many address work I did at Abilene Christian University — which hosted a first-in-the-world mobile learning initiative from 2008 through 2012. Together, they illustrate the trajectory of my thinking. I hope you’ll find them useful.

2016 · EdCrunch 2016, Moscow · Learning Outside the Box
2013 · Teaching, Learning & Assessment Conference Berkhamsted · Building Sustainable Learning
2012 · Cork, Ireland · Quantum Learning vs Newtonian Learning
2012 · Swedish Television Interview · Making Learning Relevant
2012 · Arkansas State University · How Mobility Transforms Educational Design
2012 · ACU ConnectEd Open House · The Trajectory of Digital Books
2011 · TEDxDubai · Considering the Architectures of Learning
2011 · Learning Without Frontiers · Mobility and Digital Books
2011 · ACU ConnectEd Summit · The Next Chapter in Education
2010 · ACU ConnectEd · A Mobile Learning Rationale
2010 · Sydney Ideas Series, University of Sydney · Going Mobile: Building for the New Mobility
2010 · Sydney Ideas Series, University of Sydney · Writing the Future: How Digital Books Will Change the World